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Our Story.

It was a great day. Not too hot, not too cold, sunny. Perfect for a jog. After the first 500 meters, Sven crossed the bridge on Hamburg's Outer Alster, which he had been running across for years. Every week at least three, more likely four times. But on this day, something was different. It looked empty, somehow naked.

It took a little while before he could pin down the feeling to something specific. But then it struck him: The love locks were missing! The thousands and thousands of “eternal” proofs of love, which apparently had not turned out to be eternal after all. Presumably they had fallen victim to an employee of the city cleaning service. Too bad. And at that very moment, it flashed through his mind: this wouldn't have happened with a blockchain!

Photo of the Team
Still in sweat pants ...

Still in his jogging clothes, Sven called his favorite developer Albert, whom he had met at a blockchain conference a few years ago. As always when Sven comes forwards with a new, great idea, Albert's reaction was kindly restrained. But at least this time he said, “Yeah, that might be something to think about.” A partial success! About Albert you have to know: studied philosopher, full-stack developer, core dev of Ethereum (that's something great in the scene) and just a super dope guy.

On top of that, secretly hopelessly romantic, even if he wouldn't admit it. End of the story: Both agreed to put digital love locks on the blockchain. And then they got started. There was brainstorming, trial and error, and a logo was needed. The idea grew – why eternalize only love locks? An eternal message is a good idea for various occasions, such as getting married? And yes, we admit it: In the end, it was luck.

Lovelocks hanging on the bridge
Jeweler CHRIST on board.

Luckily, one of our contacts knew the CEO of the largest jeweler in Germany. Tuesday we were on the phone, Thursday we were there. The deal was done – they wanted our product. Mega! The only problem: Actually ... we didn't really have much at that point except an idea and a few PowerPoint slides. But you grow with your tasks. At first it was clear: We need someone to make everything look “nice”. Our service had to be maximally simple and captivating by design. After an honestly quite painful process with some blunders, Sascha entered our lives via a recommendation of a recommendation of a recommendation, who started to give creative shape to our ideas and is now still a silent partner in the game.


Slowly but steadily, it was getting a bit cramped in Sven's place. And again chance or luck came into play: Marc, Sven's ex-boss, had also started his own blockchain business with a tokenization platform for real assets (www.bloxxter.com) – and he still had some space. And that's exactly the space we're filling now. Just take a look and check out what we're up to. By the way: If you click on our chairs, you can see who is sitting where and who is doing what.

That is us.

A bunch of young or in Svens case young at heart people who want to make the world a little better. By paying attention to how their actions affect the environment. By creating the possibility to come closer to immortality than ever before.

And in a few weeks, there will be a bit more about the individuals here. But for now, we're busy eternalizing moments.

Dr. Sven Hildebrandt

Chief Executive Officer

Lena Müthel

Chief Operating Officer

Sebastian Abromeit

Web Development

Stine Eder

Project Management

Melanie Mauer

Project Management